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Tiny Living, Big Investment: 10 Reasons Why To Invest In A Tiny Home!

The Tiny Home Movement has become more than just a fad, it has ultimately transcended from a social movement to a way of life that is not only great for the environment, but great for your pockets as well. Tiny living may seem a little intense at first, and it might sound like a huge investment considering its name, however we’re here to give you 10 reasons why you should start investing in the Tiny Home movement.

10. Save Money, Lot's of it.

It isn’t rocket science to know that living in a smaller home can save you tons of money. However, that smaller home that you may decide to live in, in order to save some cash, doesn’t have to lack the amenities that you may desire or see in a home that is twice the size of a tiny home. By choosing the MNHR Team to build your next Tiny Home, you’ll be able to customize your new home with all the finishes & gadgets you’d like. After all, you’d be saving tons of money. Tiny Homes give you the advantage of saving loads on heating and cooling costs, as well as maintenance. You’ll be able to have a home to call your own at a fraction of the price it would take to own one of those Mini Mansions down the road.

Tiny Homes take less time to build, can reduce your hydro bill, are affordable, and can literally be put anywhere you please. So when you are thinking about investing in your “Forever Home”, think about all the money you’ll save by going Tiny.

9. Live A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle.

Tiny Homes consume less resources, from actual building materials to the stuff that powers your home, Tiny Homes can not only save you a small fortune but also help your carbon footprint. One of the advantages of having a Tiny Home is that you can literally live anywhere you want, and go anywhere you please. There are no limitations of where, or what you can do with your home.


There are thousands of Tiny Home communities that share resources like electricity, water, gas and much more. The people in these communities contribute as a whole, and are very much like a close-knit family. If this sounds like something you may consider, give us a call and we’ll help you find the right Tiny Home Community that’s just right for you!

8. Don't Waste Anymore Time (House-Hunting).

If you ask us, there is nothing worse than having to take a few days off  in order to go house hunting, or catching up on all those time-consuming chores. Save tons of time when you invest in your next Tiny Home. Say Goodbye to long- lasting chores simply because of the lack of unessesacty space. Tiny Homes offer the sustainability any new or seasoned homeowner may require. Accomplish more during your day and focus on the joys of life, as you no longer have to worry about house hunting, or house chores!

7. Hoard, No More!

One of the great advantages of having a Tiny Home is that space is limited, thus making it harder to buy things that you, or your family may not need. Let’s face it, we all love to shop, but sometimes we can get carried away and buy that new shoe rack on sale at Winners.. How many boxes of unseen junk is in your garage now? And when was the last time you used that third george foreman grill your second cousin twice removed had bought you?


The more stuff we have, ultimately causes us more stress. Why? Well, because we have to keep track of all the useless crap that may consume your household and we go buy a bigger house just to keep up with the junk that we may have. With a Tiny Home, you’d have no choice but to not only cut down on the junk, but also on overzealous shopping & spending. Saving you time, stress, money & space!

6. Tiny Home, Big Garden.

If you have a green thumb and love to garden, a Tiny Home may be the perfect fit for you. By going tiny, you’ll have more room to plant those award-winning hostas or plant your favourite veggies. Maybe you can even call up Carving Eden and install a koi pond with a waterfall.

5. Let's get moving, literally.

Mobile Homes have come a long way since 1976, no longer do we have to squeeze into that small winnebago your great-grandfather passed down. Now if you have to move, hey why not take your house with you?! One of the many advantages of having a Tiny Home is that it comes with a set of wheels and can basically travel anywhere that you go. All you need is a good truck to tow it. Investing in a tiny home isn’t just financially smart, it opens doors to new, awesome adventures!

4. Creativity UNITE!

Typically, when we are looking for a new home to buy, it is either a home that has been around for quite some time, or it has been customized to the standards of the previous owner. Investing in a Tiny Home gives you the option to have a home that fits your needs, and your creativity- without breaking the bank. Since, Tiny Homes take less money to build, homeowners can allot their remaining budget to the amenities, fixtures, gadgets, or whatever else may fulfill their creative needs. Not only can a Tiny Home be customized from the inside, but out as well. Another advantage of Tiny living is that a Tiny Home can be built in almost any Shape or size ( talk to contractor). Designing a Tiny Home does not require much, considering the time it takes to design a two-story, 5 bedroom standard home.

3. Have It All.

Tiny Homes usually fall under the minimum requirements your local bylaws may have. It is always best to check with your township or city before investing in your Tiny Home. However, it is likely that you’ll be a-ok when it comes to building a home that matches your exact vision. The fact that your Tiny Home falls under the minimum building size requirements means that you can have everything you’ve ever wanted in a home, without the worry or stress of not complying with building codes or bylaws.


So say goodbye to nosey city council members regulating your home build, invest in a Tiny home today and buy all the FREEDOM you need and deserve!

2. No More Pain, No More Scams.

Owning a home is great and is a goal for most people. But little do they mention about how long it will take to actually “own” that home. Basically, your great- great grandchildren will own the home you’re already in, or the one you plan on buying in the near future. Unless you win the lottery or get that raise at your job you’ve been hoping for. Well kiss those mortgage scams goodbye, and spend that hard earned money you saved on a Tiny Home.


On Average, it can cost about $320-400K on a newly built home, and maybe a $100k shy of that if it is an old home. Now considering your monthly work salary, expenses you have now and those you’ll have in the future- paying off that mortgage may seem more off in the distance. Now consider the cost of building a Tiny Home, which on average can be anywhere between $4,000- $20,000 dollars. This price can make anyone’s dream come to reality, and will fulfill your home ownership dreams much sooner.

1. It's All About Love

What’s life without the people you love? The greatest advantage of a Tiny Home is that you can spend more time with your loved ones. Yes, the actual square footage may scare people, but we tend to live in places where there is more space than we actually need. Imagine if you & your partner work from home, one office may be downstairs & the other one upstairs- making it virtually impossible to be close or work together. A tiny home can eliminate all of this and help us appreciate what we have right in the same room with us, our family and friends!

Start reaping the benefits of Tiny Living and make the biggest investment, with the greatest impact, give us a call to start your Tiny Home Construction today. We give our all to make your next Tiny Home a place that can be truly your own.