Dexter Reichenbach

Carpenter's Apprentice

A young and talented professional who we are very excited to have on board. Dexter is a mechanical thinker and shows a lot of potential in the fine carpentry profession. He is well spoken, good humored and intellectual. 

Dexter has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and we know he will be very successful in all his endeavors. For his time here with us at My Next Home Reno, and we hope it’s a long time, he will be learning the trade under the supervision of our VP, Chad Milner. 


Let's Get Building!

Dexter's Skills


Dexter is a forward thinker. His mind tends to try to stay a couple steps ahead of the task.


An excellent problem solver. When working in renos it's important to be able to find creative solutions to unique challenges.

Fast Learner

Dexter has an above average aptitude for digesting new skills. He absorbs knowledge quickly and displays a high level of predictive learning.

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