Shower Showing Custom Linear Drain


If you’re like many people today in the Bancroft or Hastings Highlands area, you’re thinking of converting the summer cottage into a four-season home. But naturally, you want to preserve the interior wooden wall finishes. Often there is paper covered insulation in the existing 2×4 wall frames, but the concern is that there’s usually no vapour barrier on the warm side of the walls.

You’re not alone. There are a lot of people aiming to turn their cottages into 4 season homes. As a larger portion of the population heads into retirement, the cottage life is being more and more appealing. The challenge is, conversions like the one you have in mind aren’t simple. When we build a home here in the Hastings highlands, Bancroft or any surrounding area there are a significant number of cold-related construction details planned out in the beginning stages of construction. Decisions about foundations, wall-frame design and water systems. Upgrades are certainly possible, but many times they’re not ideal, nor are they easy.