A home grown business with small town values and up town style. We’re dedicated to lasting relationships and quality renovations. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, we build homes, kitchens, bathrooms & basements. Start your next home renovation with us.

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we're proud to offer our communities:

A Technological Approach

We have the tools that help home owners and investors stay on top of the project without having to be on site. 

Focus On Quality

In 20 years when new contractors are doing renovations they will know it was a My Next Home Reno build. 


We will always deal with you professionally in our modern approach to business. 


My Next Home Reno started as a one man show back in the 1980s. Don Loney, our most senior carpenter, began learning home renovation and construction right out of high school. From there, he furthered his training and skill and enrolled in a local college in the Peterborough community, acquiring woodworking & general contracting skills. Fast forward 20+ years, Don Loney Construction has transformed into My Next Home Reno with Don Loney, Chad Milner, & James Loney acting as key members and home construction specialist. Now teams serving Bancroft, Cornwall and Ottawa areas, we’re committed to building your dream home and construction projects like: kitchens, bathrooms, basements, patios & more. Learn more about the MNHR team by clicking  the button below!


Start the Dream Kitchen you’ve always wanted with our Kitchen Renovation services? Make your home, yours!


A Home isn’t a home unless the Bathroom is up to par. Make sure your next Bathroom Renovation is everything you’ve imagined- and more.


Whether it’s a Man Cave or a Woman’s Den, turn any basement into the right space, click the picture to start your Basement Renovation!

What We Do:

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What does your dream home look like? Hire a team that can give you exactly what you want in a home build, kitchen, bathroom, or basement renovation. We use innovative design technologies and building techniques to provide quality home building in the Bancroft, Cornwall, & Ottawa region. The MNHR prides itself on excellent customer service and knowledge-based information that will leave you with nothing but faith in our ability to complete your project.

A home build is a big job and requires a team that’s capable of handling the various task and responsibilities that go into a home build. From building permits, zoning requirements, and city bylaws & regulations. We build homes confidently, safely, and quickly.

Ottawa Home Construction and Renovation
Ottawa Basement Renovation

We are proud to say we have completed many home renovation projects around the Bancroft, Cornwall, & Ottawa areas for over 20+years. Our skilled contractors are and design team collaborate in order to build your dream project. Whether it’s an entire home build, basement renovation, or kitchen upgrade. We focus on quality work with quality material provided by: Home Depot, Wilson’s Timber Mart, Northwoord Lumber & more.

Here's What You Can Expect!

We wrote a whole article about the complex and intuitive process involved in constructing and delivering your quote. 

Click to learn more and even download samples of our building contract, quotes, and payment schedules. 


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