Basement Renovations

Bancroft and Ottawa Basement Renovations

Definitely that space we all dream about making better but usually the last part of our home to get around to. 

Thats ok, we get! But if you made it this far, congrats! 

Weather you want an income suite, fitness space, home theatre or just a playroom; we know what it takes to get it done. And we’ve done it a lot! 

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Common Basement Uses

At the top of our list is the income suite. We’re a frugal bunch here at My Next Home Reno and the income suite is an excellent way to increase your ROI.

Building a legal income suite in Ottawa, isn’t without it’s obsticals of course. You will need an expert with lots of experience navagating the many ins and outs with the city to make this dream a reality. But we’re here to help you ever step of the way. 

Staying healthy should always be top of mind. But it’s easy to put your health on the back burner when you have a hectic schedule. Many of our clients who have transformed their basement into a fitness center have told us it saves them an hour or more per day and they skip less commitments. 

Putting a bedroom in the basement is a great idea but there are some regulations that need to be met in order to ensure the space is safe for this kind of use. Don’t worry – we can help you reinvent this space for bedroom use to accomodate your growing family or visitors. 

Spend a little more time relaxing and bring that big screen experience home, to the basement! Lots of home owners have decided that a home based theatre is a great way to improve their leisure time. 

An excellent way to bring family together. Everything from arcade and board games, to pool table and air hockey. Your basement can be a great space to rom and tear and have grand ol time!

Get organized! Use this extra space to get serious about your seasonal storage, cold room for dry and canned goods. Storage is an important part of canadian living in a 4 season city like Ottawa.

A quite place to work with room to spread out – thats what’s so wonderful about transforming your basement into office space. Don’t settle for tight working quarters – get brave, sprawl out and have a functional, comfortable and beautiful space to spend your time working. 

Hobbies and social gatherings don’t have to be gender specific. I mean in the 21st century I’d like to think we are a little more inclusive than that but when it’s necessary to have a space for entertaining the gals or bros – a man cave or she den can really make all the difference. Technically a Man Cave or She Den is really just a combination of everything we’ve already listed with the addition of a bar. 

Basement Renovation FAQs

As with any large project, the time it takes to completely finish a basement will vary based upon the size and scope of the project. On average, however, a basement finish takes 1-2 months from start-to-finish.

In most cases municipalities requires that a permit be pulled for construction or remodel work, and permit costs vary by city and size of project. In the case of income suites applying for a legal secondary dwelling is also a process of its own. We obtain the permit for your job and include it in our project cost.

Renovations can be messy, we know that. We take great measures to ensure minimal disruption to your home environment. We install plastic barriers and floor protection and where possible a negative air pressure system.

We can’t tell you how much it will cost without seeing the space and understanding what you want to accomplish. In most cases if you’re looking to install a bathroom and finish a standard size 20’x40′ space it’s safe to have a starting budget of $60K in the Ottawa and surrounding areas.

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