About The Company


We are a team and a network of skilled trade professionals with matching communication styles, quality standards and ambitions. Our love for creating is what brings us together and its that passion that always grounds us in our common goal: to create another happy customer.

Originally starting as a father son team, today My Next Home Reno is a consortium of talent that becomes more prosperous each month in both experience and understanding of one another.

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we dig deep

To find the soul in the projects we invest our time into. We are inspired by challenge and creativity is fueled by problem solving and innovating.

we measure success

There’s more than length and width to know what it takes to get a job done. Success is measured by the goals we set and the satisfaction we bring to the experience.


Sticking together and working as a unit is priority. We enourage workers to push through their comfort levels to get the best possible job done.

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