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People are often surprised when they learn My Next Home Reno does fencing, docks, decking, pergolas, gazebos and landscapes. The truth is, just as much skill goes into building these structures as anything we do inside the home.

On a personal note, I really enjoy working outdoors and take a lot of comfort and satisfaction in completing projects like these.

Exposed to the elements, these structures require a different approach to construction. Taking into consideration factors like drainage and substrate structure will ensure your build lasts for years to come. 


Every home and cottage has a use for a deck. It’s a popular way to transition from your indoor space to your outdoor space. In our short summer months, decks can be some of the most heavily used parts of our homes as we enjoy the brief summer season here in Ottawa, and in Bancroft, Ontario.

There are countless design and material combinations for decks. Some of which require maintenance and others which are virtually maintenance free. Depending how you intend to use this space there is an equal number of customization options for your deck. Here are some ideas to consider. 

1.  Design a designated space for cooking with an outdoor kitchen.

2.  Consider covering a portion of your deck to shelter from sun and rain.

3.  Take advantage of railing sections that have plexy glass to maximize the line of sight. 

4.  Consider multi-level spaces for entertaining. 

Outdoor Kitchens

Be the host with the most and don’t miss the party. 

Plexy Glass Railings

Maximize Line of Sight

Covered Deck

Increase your usable time outdoors during the season.

Multilevel Decks

Well Defined Spaces


There are 3 popular types of docks used in the Bancroft, Hastings Highlands, Cottage Country. For over a decade we have helped cottagers make the most of their cottage experience with great quality docks.

Dock installation in the Bancroft or Hasting Highlands area is a complex process and at the top of the priority list, even above customer satisfaction, is environmental responsibility. At My Next Home Reno we take every measure to ensure that your dock installation meets all of the environmental guidelines that are in place to protect your shoreline habitat.

Floating Docks, Fixed Docks (Crib or Pipe) and Aluminium Docks are just some of the options to consider. Your selection will depend on several factors. 

 1.  Fluctuating water levels.

2.  Your specific model of boat and needs.

3.  Shifting Ice melt patterns in your bay or cove. 

4.  Regulations for protected wetlands areas.

5.  Swimming requirements

6.  Enhanced safety and accessibility needs. 

7.  Ongoing maintenance needs

Floating Dock

Nature Conservation & Seasonal Water Height Variation

Pole Dock

Sturdy & Secure, Adjustable Throughout the Season

Crib Docks

Safe, Sturdy & All Season

Aluminum Dock

Removable & Light Weight


There are many options for fence design and installation. Whether you have a farm and require page wire and plank fencing or you have a cottage and require privacy fencing that abides by the strict building codes in cottage country – we have you covered. 

If you’re looking for fence installation in Bancroft, Ontario of Ottawa, Ontario; be sure to contact My Next Home Reno for a free quote.  

Aluminium Fencing

Attractive & Stately

Wood Fencing

Private & Traditional

PVC or Vinyl

Long Lasting & Low Maintenance

Chain Link Fence

Clear Line of Sight & Security


Decks, Docks, & Fencing FAQs

A building permit is not required to build or replace your fence, however, you are required to comply with the Fence By-law 2003-462. The Fence By-law sets out minimum standards for the installation, maintenance and repair of fences and institutes a “good neighbour policy” where the more attractive side of the fence must face toward the neighbouring property and street.  For more information, please visit the Fence By-law web page. (Ottawa)

However, if the fence is to be used as a Pool Enclosure, you will require a Pool Enclosure Permit.

While composite lumber is tough and durable, it does not have the same stiffness as wood. Therefore, it is not intended for use as a load bearing post, joist or any other primary load-bearing member.

A building permit is required for a deck that is attached or adjacent to a building having a walking surface of greater than 24″ above adjacent grade. Other decks, not described above, that have a walking surface greater than 24″ above adjacent grade and area greater that 10 square metres (approximately 108 square feet) also require a building permit.

Regardless of whether or not a building permit is required for your deck, you should contact the Development Information Officer (DIO) for your area to determine whether or not your proposed deck will meet the zoning requirements for your property, mainly the setback to lot lines

After we receive your request for a quote either through email or from a phone call, we contact you to set up a site visit where the deck is to be built.  Based on the style of deck and rail you would like we put together a quote for you.  Any revisions are made and then the contract is signed.  After that we submit for and receive a permit application, pour the footers, and then start the construction.

Shifting or washout can occur in areas of uneven terrain or where there are nearby water sources.  We use job-specific tools to ensure that the width and depth of the footings is consistent.  Also, our 6×6 posts provide more rigidity than the common deck design.

The material is usually composed of fine wood particles (sawdust) and 50% or more recycled plastics.  The plastic is either a Polypropylene (hard plastic like keyboards and TV’s) or Polyethylene (softer plastic like plastic bags or milk jugs) and fine wood particles.  It is manufactured under heat and pressure to encapsulate the wood in the plastic and a UV inhibitor prevents any lightening in color. Polypropylene composite will retain its shape so you can make curved railings and benches. It is long lasting and will not require maintenance such as staining or painting.

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