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5 home renovation trends for 2023

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Homeownership is one of the most rewarding feats to reach in life, especially when you’re able to make it your own paradise. A home should be the total embodiment of you, and you want visitors to feel equally as comfortable when they walk into the door. Whether it’s a complete home remodel, kitchen or bathroom renovation, any type of home improvement can truly impact the way we live our day to day lives as home design trends continue to inspire us, and shape how we utilize our living spaces.

As we move into 2023, there are several things home renovations experts have agreed upon that will set the bar for home design and remodeling. A prime example is the 2019 Covid-19 pandemic, which is still influencing how we work from home and maneuver a world that has more restrictions than it did 4 years ago. Not only has this changed our way of living, but it has also impacted material cost for contractors like ourselves, the housing market, and what it truly means to have a functional and comfortable home. An expert on home remodeling at Angi.com says that home renovation projects that are deemed as secondary, will take a back burner to those that are non-discretionary. However, this doesn’t mean full renovation projects are out of the question, it’s now common for homeowners to take on all renovations at a time.

With that said, all of these factors will determine what we can expect to see in home design for 2023. There will be more focus on Functionality, Comfortability and Efficiency. Continue to read to discover 5 Home Renovation Trends that will be big in 2023.

5 Home Renovation Trends For 2023

1. Outdoor Living

Now that the pandemic has eased, more people are getting out of the house and enjoying what nature has to offer – even if it’s from the comfort of their own backyard. Homeowners are continuously looking for ways to maximize their living spaces, including the outdoors. Once the brutal winter months of Ontario, Canada are over; we can expect to see the BBQ grills and flip flops come out of storage, and homeowners enjoying their outdoor living spaces. Predictions say that outdoor living spaces will be top of the peoples to-do list in 2023. Decks, Patios, Gardens, and even swimming ponds will all be big in 2023 as homeowners, new and old, will look to create a more beautiful, relaxing, and functional outdoor oasis. This may range from installing an outdoor kitchen or creating a self-sustaining koi pond for all your guests to enjoy.

Enjoy your backyard with a great pond or swimming pond
Artistic landscape designed and installed by Carving Eden just outside of Ottawa, Ontario.

2. Home Offices

As working from home steadily becomes the new normal, homeowners are searching for ways to make their home offices more enjoyable, especially if work will cause them to spend most of their time there. This is why experts believe that renovation for home offices will be as bigger than ever in 2023. From building dedicated home offices to upgrading pre-existing workspaces, creating a space that solely for this purpose will become increasingly popular. If it already hasn’t.

Build the home office of your dreams.

Home Office Ideas

Hidden Coffee Bar

We love coffee here at My Next Home Reno, so we always condone installing a hidden coffee bar to get your day started. Forget walking to the kitchen, make life a little easier and keep all your morning essentials in one shelf – which can be hidden by a cabinet, pop out mirror, whatever.

3. Bathroom & Kitchen Upgrades

Home Renovation Trends For 2023 Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades

Remember when we mentioned functionality, well kitchen and bathroom renovations will increase in 2023 for this very reason. As homeowners yearn for ways to get the most bang for their buck, we’ll see high-use areas like kitchens & bathrooms getting complete overhauls. Projects like cabinetry upgrades to countertop changes will create a big impact on a subtle budget. Also, updating light fixtures and faucets can change a room entirely – especially if accompanied by a fresh coat of paint. However, if you truly want to maximize your budget and get ahead of this trend, replacing old appliances and/or flooring will be your best option for the new year.

Home Kitchen & Bathroom Ideas

When in doubt, spruce up your existing hardware. If you find yourself looking for ways to optimize your home renovation budget, give in and splurge on those flashy faucets and lighting fixtures you dreamt of having. The smallest thing can make the biggest difference, especially if you’re considering putting your property on the market.

4. Energy Efficiency

Cutting unnecessary energy costs and making homes more eco-friendly will be another top priority amongst homeowners and renters in 2023. There are many government programs across the country that provide incentives to people who use energy efficient equipment such as solar panels, low-water plumbing and more. Becoming more environmentally conscious has been on everyone’s new year’s resolution list, at least once. So why not start today and utilize every opportunity you can to make your home and your living habits completely green. Installing smart HVAC systems, low flush toilets and energy efficient appliances will become a more popular home renovation trend over the next year and many to come.

Home Renovation Trends For 2023 Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Efficency Ideas

Insulation. Insulation. Insulation. Literally, the more insulation you have between your walls, the better. From Loft, Cavity, and Solid Wall insulation, there are several ways to lower that hydro bill and keep your overall energy costs to a minimum. Talk with your contractor, or give us a shout if you need some help curbing your carbon footprint and making your home more energy efficient.

5. Multi Dwelling Residences

Home Renovation Trends For 2023 Multi Dwelling Residences-min

The need for housing has been at an all-time high. Across the nation, we have seen prices skyrocket, for home buyers and renters alike. The reason for this is high interest rates, an unstable economy and housing market supply and demand. For instance, 95% of the residents surveyed in one of our service areas have said that they want to get into permanent housing. This statement alone can tell you that there is a need for not only permanent housing, but short term housing as well. In November 2021, it was recorded that over 200 people were considered homeless in Hastings County. The lack of affordable living is dire, and the amount of homes out there are limited. That’s why Multi Dwelling units are becoming more appealing to homeowners and renters. Not only does it alleviate the need for a home, it’s also a great way to recover cost and/or generate additional income. But, providing affordable housing isn’t the only reason why this trend is booming, more and more families are deciding to live under one roof versus leaving the nest – potentially causing financial hardship. With the ability to create multi dwelling units with functional kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces; why buy a home in the first place? This is something to think about when remodeling, because as populations grow this is one trend we think has serious staying power.

Secondary/ Multi-Dwelling Unit Ideas

Have abasement or garage that you don’t use? If you’re not using your home’s garage or basement, consider converting it to a secondary dwelling unit. Obviously, this is the perfect way for you to maximize your investment while providing the necessary housing the world needs right now.

Summing it up..

Don’t fall behind on the home design trends that will emerge in 2023. This is only the beginning, as home design continues to evolve and mold to make our lives better. In addition, we can utilize these 5 home design trends for 2023 in order to create a better, more functional and comfortable living space(s), whether it’s for family, tenants, or yourself. To learn more about how to utilize these trends, give us a call at 613-869-2587 or fill out our form here.

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