James Loney

Founder, Chief of Operations

As a serial entrepreneur, James wears many hats. Starting his career in infrastructure consulting at Accenture, he went on to launch his own marketing agency. Today he runs several businesses but spends the majority of his time overseeing operations at My Next Home Reno. 

His inspiration to start center stage social was his father who worked tirelessly in trades all his life. James saw how an administrative, modern approach to business could be just the right ingredient to compliment his fathers decades of fine carpentry and take a small business to the next level. 

He pitched the idea to Chad Milner and his dad Don Loney back in 2017. Today My Next Home Reno is a thriving business operating in 3 cities. A strong focus on warranty and quality continues to see this endeavor flourish year after year. 

James has a passion for horses, landscape design, marketing, business, and piano. 

  • Business

    James's approach to business is centered around the relationship between accounting management and operational automation. With people at the center of this model, James knows as a business you're only as strong as your weakest link and strengthening your team is paramount.

  • Relationships

    You don't invest in someone you don't trust. Honesty, transparency and humility are some of James' core characteristics and his belief is that business doesn't have to be rigid. People trust people, not suits.

  • Operation Management

    If a business was a machine, James would be the mechanic. From the corporate to project level; fiscal accountability and profitability are top of mind as he provides his team with actionable, project-based information in real time.

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